spas1For men who don’t like using shaving creams, shaving soaps are a great alternative because they soften and moisturize their faces better than shaving creams do, and also remove dirt and oil from their faces better than shaving creams do. Shaving soaps are also more convenient for people who travel a lot, because they save them from the hassles of buying four ounce aerosol cans of shaving cream, which is the limit people are allowed to carry on planes.

Looking for the right shaving soap can take a while, so we have gone through a lot of shaving soap reviews, to make you a list of the best shaving soaps available, and have listed them below.

#5 Col. Conk World’s Famous Shaving Soapv

This old fashioned soap lathers well, which is important, because it quickly softens your face before you shave, and helps to prevent irritations after shaving. The aroma has a hint of Jamaican rum and bay leaves, and is very pleasant; it doesn’t last for a long time, so it doesn’t clash with your aftershave or cologne. It is a great soap for shaving your face, but it does take a long time to lather it up, which can be a nuisance if you are in a rush.

#4 Van Der Hagen Deluxe Shave Soapf6yh

This soap is great for dry skin, because it contains Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, which helps to soften and moisturize your skin. It works well on even the toughest beards, because 40% of it is made from moisturizers, and the soap is hypo allergenic, so you don’t have to worry about any allergic reactions to using it. While this soap has a nice scent and keeps your face soft, it doesn’t lather very well, which can lead to small cuts while shaving.

#3 Colonel Conk Glycerin Soaps45

This shaving soap comes in a four pack with a variety of different scents like almond, lime, amber, and bay rum. The soaps lather very well, and contain avocado oil, and Vitamin E, which helps to moisturize your face before and after shaving. These soaps last for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about buying replacements any time soon, but the lather disappears quickly, so you have to keep reapplying it while shaving.

#2 Proraso Shaving Soap, Eucalyptus & Menthols4

Proraso is one of the most popular brands when it comes to shaving products, because they make some of the best shaving products in the world.

Unlike some other soap, this soap lathers up very quickly, and the lather is very full, which allows you to use it when you are in a hurry, and also gives you a great shaving experience any time you use it. The Eucalyptus moisturizes your face, while the menthol cools it after shaving, and helps to prevent razor burns. It is a great soap for anybody looking for a shaving soap, but it doesn’t last as long as the soap bars do.

#1 Barbershop Shave Soap Bar in a Jarss13

This is the best shaving soap you will find, it contains Shea Butter, Mango and Cocoa Butter to help moisturize your face, and keep it soft after shaving.

It lathers very well and very quickly, giving you a close, smooth shave, and is made from all natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about putting chemicals on your face, and it comes in a compact easy to carry jar, which allows you to travel with it conveniently. If you are in the market for a shaving soap, give this soap a try, you won’t be disappointed.